(far right) The 2nd owner had not scrimped on materials. All of the bulkheads were Finnish Birch, and it really hurt to heft them out of the hull in the twisted, odd shapes that would remain largely unuseable by me.

The deck (above) and pilothouse (below) that are no more.

During one of Galene's many road trips, a tree had clipped her bow, requiring the fix at right.

Surprising little had been completed in a hull that was18 years old. Lead had been poured in the keel, the engine was simply resting on temporary mounts, there were no hull penetrations at all, bulkheads had been roughed in, but happily not glassed into place, and she had always been stored indoors- truly a blank slate for a near-sighted visionary. The first order of business was simply removing everything that did not look like a boat to me.
The Yanmar 3QM30 was purchased new in 1981. It had only ever been hand cranked, and sold for close to its purchase price in 1999.
The image above captures the seminal moment when the very last piece of the old had been taken to the dump. Everything would be new from this point on.